Başakşehir's opponent in the European Conference League has been announced!

Başakşehir's opponent in the 2nd qualifying round of the Europa Conference League was La Florita.

Basaksehir'of UEFA Europa Conference League Their opponent in the 2nd qualifying round is the San Marino team La Fiorita happened.

In the first qualifying round of the third-placed European club tournament, RAMS Başakşehir's opponent will be determined in the La Fiorita-Isloch Minsk match, where the Belarusian team Isloch Minsk won the first match 1-0 away. In the return match played today, La Fiorita finished the regular and extra time periods leading 1-0, and then won 4-2 on penalties, becoming RAMS Başakşehir's opponent in the second qualifying round.

The first legs of the UEFA Europa Conference League second qualifying round will be played on July 25, with the return legs on August 1.

RAMS Başakşehir will play the first match of this round at home and the return leg away.

Missing for 10 days: 88-year-old woman found dead

An elderly woman who had been missing for 10 days was found dead in a field in the Bodrum district of Muğla.

According to the information received, it was noticed that Gülfidan Öztaşkın (88), who goes to the Gümüşlük Neighborhood center every day, has not been seen in the region in recent days. As a result of the investigation carried out by the Gendarmerie, it was determined that there was no news from Öztaşkın for approximately 10 days.

This evening, the gendarmerie, Muğla 911 Search and Rescue Research Association and some search and rescue volunteers started a search and rescue operation. As a result of the search and rescue operation, Öztaşkın's lifeless body was found behind his son's house.

It was learned that her son had been hospitalized for a while due to illness. Gendarmerie teams continue to examine the scene and surrounding area. It was reported that Gülfidan Öztaşkın's body will be sent to the Muğla Forensic Medicine Institute to determine the exact cause of death.

'Kıratlı' debate in the Parliament: 'The man who paid 168 thousand liras for a meal is a member of the Constitutional Court'

In the TBMM General Assembly, a debate broke out between CHP Group Deputy Chairman Gökhan Günaydın and AKP Group Deputy Chairman Muhammed Emin Akbaşoğlu due to the appointment of Metin Kıratlı as a member of the Constitutional Court. Günaydın reacted by saying, “While I cannot give 12 thousand liras to a retiree, the man who gave 168 thousand liras for a meal is now a member of the Constitutional Court.”

AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's appointment of the Presidential Administrative Affairs Director Metin Kıratlı as a member of the Constitutional Court caused a merit debate between CHP Group Deputy Chairman Gökhan Günaydın and AKP Group Deputy Chairman Muhammed Emin Akbaşoğlu at the TBMM General Assembly today.

Günaydın criticized Kıratlı's appointment as a member of the Constitutional Court with the words, “The Constitutional Court, as the Supreme Court, theoretically has the authority to try the President. The previous officer of the Presidency has become a member of the Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court member will supervise the legislative functions of his previous superior, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as a member of the Constitutional Court, and perhaps he will also participate in this trial as a member of the Supreme Court. Do you see how absurd the situation is?”


Günaydın, who claimed that Kıratlı had a meal worth 168 thousand liras with an AKP Provincial Deputy Chairman last week, said, “Now that he has become an independent, impartial member of the Constitutional Court, is he going to dispense justice in the country? Of course, what is his first job? Access to news of this meal worth 168 thousand liras has been blocked. The man who could not give 12 thousand liras to a retired person but gave 168 thousand liras for a meal is now a member of the Constitutional Court.”


AKP's Akbaşoğlu made the following statement regarding Kıratlı's appointment and the allegations against him:

“He is a lawyer and all his qualifications, both in the constitutional sense and in terms of the relevant law and legislation, qualify him to be elected as a member of the Constitutional Court. At the same time, some FETÖ websites claim that he had dinner with two people and a bill of 168 thousand liras was paid. Whoever claims this is obliged to prove their claim. Those who talk about the dinner bill and the amount related to Metin Kıratlı are obliged to present this bill in front of everyone.”


Günaydın, who stated that he was not discussing Kıratlı's legal competence, reminded of the access ban imposed on the news that Kıratlı and an AKP provincial deputy chairman had dinner and reacted by saying, “Take whoever made this calculation to court; let it be discussed in court, say in court: 'Come and prove this claim, if you don't prove it I will file a financial compensation lawsuit against you.' What have you done? A member of the Constitutional Court blocks access to accounts in his own name before even going to the Constitutional Court. This country cannot be governed with this mentality. Don't avoid the questions, my friend, the questions are clear; if you answer them, this will become a negotiation.”

Cannabis seized in sunflower field

In an operation conducted by gendarmerie teams in the Karapınar district of Konya, 1,040 roots of Indian hemp were seized in a sunflower field. 1 person was detained in connection with the incident.

According to the information received, Konya Provincial Gendarmerie Command and Karapınar District Gendarmerie teams determined that hemp was being cultivated in the sunflower field belonging to B.İ. in the Akçayazı Neighborhood of the district.

In the intelligence work carried out, a search was carried out in the field and house of the person and 1,040 cannabis plants and 1 gun were seized.

The owner of the field, B.İ., was detained in connection with the incident. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Mehmet Büyükekşi's first statement after the election: 'That's all from us'

Mehmet Büyükekşi, who lost to İbrahim Hacıosmanoğlu in the TFF presidential election, said after the results, “That's enough from us, everyone should forgive him.”

Turkish Football FederationThe winner of the presidential election in Ibrahim Haciosmanoglu happened.

Competing with İbrahim Hacıosmanoğlu in the election Mehmet Buyukeksimade a short statement after the results.

Mehmet Büyükekşi, in his statement, said,That's all from us, may everyone forgive us..” said.

He shared it saying 'My last speech': A new statement came from Mustafa Sarıgül!

He made another statement about the video circulating about CHP member Mustafa Sarıgül. Sarıgül said, “I heard the applause, I saw the betrayal, but I have never experienced anything like this.”

CHP Erzincan Deputy Mustafa Sarıgül made a new statement regarding the video circulating on social media.

Sarıgül shared a video on his social media account regarding the situation, saying, “This is my last speech on this matter.” Sarıgül said the following:

“My dear citizens, my valuable friends, I have experienced many events throughout my political life. I have heard applause, I have seen betrayal, but I have never experienced anything like this.

I would like to thank you for the support you gave me all day yesterday and the prayers you sent. You were with me regardless of political party. I felt your energy.

May Allah be pleased with all of you 100 thousand times over. But you should know that those who commit these betrayals will receive the punishment they deserve in this world and in the real world, God willing.”

Secret of long life found in the sea: Creature that fascinates scientists

Greenland sharks can live for hundreds of years thanks to their slow metabolism. This long lifespan has attracted the attention of scientists and inspired new research. Here is the secret of Greenland sharks and the scientific facts behind their long lifespan.

Greenland sharks are known to be the longest-living vertebrates on Earth. Thanks to their slow metabolism, these sharks can live up to 400 years and are of great interest to scientists. This long lifespan provides important clues about the sharks' biological structures and environmental factors.


The slow metabolism of Greenland sharks is seen as the key to their longevity. A slow metabolism allows cells to consume less energy and suffer less damage. This slows down the sharks’ aging process and contributes to their longevity. Living in cold Arctic waters, these creatures also benefit from the slowing effect of low temperatures on their metabolism.


Scientists are conducting various studies to understand the longevity of Greenland sharks. Proteins in the sharks' eye lenses are used to determine their age. Studies conducted with this method show that some Greenland sharks may be more than 400 years old. These findings provide important information about the biological aging processes of sharks.

The longevity of Greenland sharks is directly related to their health. A slow metabolism means that sharks have less toxin buildup in their bodies and less cell damage. This helps sharks live healthier and longer. In addition, low hunting pressure and a lack of natural enemies also contribute to their longevity.


Unraveling the secrets of Greenland sharks’ longevity could also have significant implications for human health and aging. By studying the biological characteristics of these sharks, scientists aim to develop new methods for slowing human aging and extending lifespan. Future research could provide more information about the biology of Greenland sharks, leading to revolutionary discoveries in health sciences.

10 ways to relieve those who are overwhelmed at home!

It is very important to stay cool at home during the hot and sweltering days of summer. So, what are the ways to cool off in your home during hot weather? Here are 10 ways to cool down those who are feeling suffocated at home…

It is very important to stay cool at home during the hot and humid summer months. While devices like air conditioners are lifesavers, they can add to energy costs and not everyone has access to them. Fortunately, there are many effective and practical ways to stay cool at home. Well, What are the ways to cool off in your home in hot weather? At work 10 ways to relieve those who are depressed at home…


1. Keeping the curtains closed:

Sunlight can significantly increase the temperature inside your home. Keeping your curtains closed during the day to prevent sunlight from entering your home will help keep your home cooler. You can increase this effect by choosing dark-colored and thick curtains.

2. Benefiting from the coolness of the night:

The air usually cools down during the night. To benefit from this coolness, open the windows before going to bed and ventilate your house. You can keep the air inside cool by closing the windows and drawing the curtains in the early morning.

3. Checking the humidity level:

High humidity levels make hot air more oppressive. You can reduce humidity levels by using a dehumidifier or natural methods. Reducing the number of plants in your home or changing towels more frequently are also ways to keep humidity under control.

4. Turning off electronic devices:

Electronic devices generate heat as they operate. You can keep your home cooler by turning off devices that you are not using. Avoid leaving devices such as computers, televisions and kitchen appliances on unnecessarily.

5. Drinking refreshing drinks:

It is important to consume cold drinks to cool your body from the inside. Drinking plenty of water, natural fruit juices and cold herbal teas will both keep your body cool and ensure that you get enough fluids.

6. Wearing light and breathable clothing:

Choose clothes made of light, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. These types of clothes absorb sweat and keep your body cool. Also, light-colored clothes tend to reflect the sun's rays, making you feel cooler.

7. Fan use:

Fans provide cooling by increasing airflow. You can achieve effective cooling by positioning the fans to create cross ventilation. Placing a bowl of ice in front of the fan can help spread the cool air.

8. Taking a cold shower:

Taking cold showers several times a day can help lower your body temperature. You can also spray cool water on your body frequently using a spray bottle filled with cold water.

9. Using cooling bedding:

Using cooling bedding and pillows that will help you stay cool will help you sleep more comfortably, especially at night. You can choose gel-filled pillows and sheets that keep you cool.

10. Consuming refreshing meals:

Avoiding heavy and hot meals and consuming refreshing salads, fruits and light foods will help you stay cool and facilitate digestion.

Chip Industry Loses Half a Trillion Dollars in One Day as US Tensions Over China and Taiwan

The world’s largest chip companies lost half a trillion dollars in value in a day after the U.S. planned more export restrictions on semiconductor technology sent to China and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made harsh comments about major chipmaker Taiwan. Shares of Dutch chipmaking technology firm ASML fell 11.1 percent, shares of U.S.-based artificial intelligence-focused chipmaker Nvidia fell 6.5 percent and shares of Taiwanese company TSMC fell nearly 8 percent.

Companies that produce chips used in many areas of life such as smartphones, computers, automobiles, defense technologies and white goods are negatively affected by the tension between the US and China.

The latest step in escalating tensions between the two countries is U.S. President Joe Biden's administration's plans to impose the toughest possible trade restrictions on allies if companies continue to give China access to advanced semiconductor technology.

Chip markets were shaken after the U.S. administration sent a message that it was “considering the most severe trade restrictions if companies such as Tokyo Electron and ASML Holding NV continue to provide China with access to advanced semiconductor technology.”

On the same day, Republican Party presidential candidate and former US President Donald Trump's harsh comments about Taiwan, the world's largest producer of advanced chips, accelerated losses in chip companies' shares.

Trump said Taiwan had taken over “almost all” of the semiconductor industry in the United States, adding: “They took our entire chip business, they're very rich. I don't think we're any different than an insurance policy.”

Trump said Taiwan was not contributing to the US and that the US should pay for its defense. These two statements, which came on the same day, caused a loss of $500 billion in shares of companies operating in the chip industry in one day.

US-listed shares of Dutch chipmaking technology firm ASML fell 11.1 percent yesterday.

Nvidia, a US-based chipmaker focused on artificial intelligence technologies, lost 6.5 percent of its shares yesterday following the two harsh statements. Nvidia, one of the world's most valuable companies with approximately $3.3 trillion, lost approximately $200 billion following the decline in its shares.

Shares of Taiwan-based semiconductor maker TSMC, which has a market value of over $700 billion, also fell about 8 percent.

Shares of US-based chipmaker AMD fell 10.2 percent.

Shares of US chipmaker Qualcomm, whose market value exceeds $200 billion, fell by 8.6 percent, Micron by 6.3 percent and Broadcom by 7.9 percent.

Shares of British semiconductor and chip design firm ARM Holding, which is traded on US stock exchanges, also fell 9.5 percent.

Interesting coincidence in the Pertevnyal High School race!

The horse named Alkanlı, owned by Toygar Akdimen, a graduate of Pertevniyal High School in 1994, and his jockey Vedat Abiş, won the traditional Pertevniyal High School race held at the Istanbul Veliefendi Hippodrome.

By an interesting coincidence, the traditional Pertevniyal High School race held at the Istanbul Veliefendi Hippodrome was won by the horse named Alkanlı, owned by Toygar Akdikmen, who graduated from the school in 1994, with jockey Vedat Abiş.

Nine 4-year-old purebred Arabian horses took the start in the traditional race run on behalf of Pertevniyal High School, which has graduated thousands of famous names including Aydın Boysan, Halit Kıvanç, Metin Akpınar, Zihni Göktay, Ali Poyrazoğlu, Fatih Mühürdar, Prof. Cem'i Demiroğlu, Hüseyin Rahmi Gürpınar, Namık Kemal, Metin Erksan, Yaşar Okuyan, Neco, Alpaslan Eradlı, Salih Bora, Şevket Rado for 152 years in Turkish education.


At the end of the race that took place on the synthetic track over a distance of 1400 meters, the horse named Alkanlı came in first with a time of 1.34.83, the horse named İnebolu came in second, Aktaşkaya came in third and Leonidas came in fourth.

The winner of the race, Alkanlı, earned his owner a prize of 390 thousand liras.

While Pertevniyal Sports Club Board Chairman Abdullah Ercanlı presented the cup to horse owner Toygar Akdikmen, Pertevniysl High School Principal Şeref Koç presented the school flag to TJK Board Member Selman Taşbek as a souvenir of the day, painter Hilal Zıllıoğlu presented a painting to jockey Vedat Abiş.